Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Summer Sessions Available

Host: Tony Perry

When: TBA 8am-sunset (sunset roughly 6-8pm)

Once 8 eight persons have signed the sign-up sheet and provided a deposit a date will be set within two to three weeks, on a FRIDAY.

Where: Dillon Beach California (for travel maps go to “”)

Fee: $250.00

What you get: All materials to conduct and perform the pit fire for your work. Wood, wood shavings, dung, salt and any other items pertaining to the firing and coloration that occurs within the pit are provided. The majority of the digging and pit operations will be handled for you. Thus far every piece fired in a pit created by Tony and Eusebio has survived the day with awesome results. See display at Leslies.

Piece criteria: The ceramic pieces cannot be more than eight inches tall and wide for this event and there will be a limit of six pieces. The deposit will ensure that sufficient materials are obtained to accommodate your work.

What to bring: Each person is responsible for providing their own food and beverage for the days’ event as well as any other items needed for a long day at the beach. Your ceramic pieces to be fired, terra sig applied and bisqued at cone 010.

*If you so choose to bring your own wood it cannot be treated by any chemicals, painted or have nails or screws within. Wood from trees cannot exceed 8-10 inches in diameter or be longer than 1 ½ feet. Raw lumber such as 2x4, 2x6 or 4x4 cannot exceed two feet in length or be treated, painted or contain nails and screws.

Time line and process: All pieces to be fired in the pit will be placed on the designated tarp no later than 8:00am. This is to ensure the pit is prepared to the proper size in order to accommodate the pieces to be fired. The digging will begin at roughly 8:15am and all that have pieces to be fired will participate to some extent if you choose to. Upon completion of the pit being dug Tony and Eusebio will be the only ones permitted within the pit to lay out the wood shavings, pieces, dung, wood, salt and other materials pertaining to the firing. All who have pieces are asked to please assist in staging wood for the firing. Once loading of the pit is complete it will be set ablaze. The firing will last the entire day so get comfy. Once the fire dies down Tony and Eusebio will be the only ones unloading and staging work on the outskirts of the pit. Once the pit is fully unloaded please assist in the removal of any broken pieces and all debris from within the pit and then refilling the hole created, optional.

NOTE: Tony & Eusebio are not responsible for any items that do not survive the firing but will however take all actions to prevent breakage of your work. It is recommended that you utilize Soldate 60, Rods Bod or Leslies Vanilla clay for your ceramic pieces in order to provide a better chance of pit fire survival. You are however allowed to use whatever clay you desire.

Ask Tony or Eusebio at Leslie Ceramic Supply for more information.

Tony 510.760.0905

Eusebio 510.524.7363

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